Do you qualify for 179D Tax Deductions?

Your energy-efficient commercial building improvements may entitle you to a tax deduction. You want to save money, don’t you? 

Energy Design Service Systems has been helping clients save energy and money under 179D EPAct since 2006. 

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How much can I save via the 179D Energy Policy Act Deduction?

Maximum Deduction is $1.80 per square foot based on a 50% reduction in total annual energy and power costs. Not to exceed the amount equal to the cost of energy-efficient commercial property placed in service during the taxable year.

Partial Deduction is $0.60 per square foot for reduction of energy consumption through Building Envelope, HVAC, and lighting.

Partial Deduction (interim lighting) From $0.30 to $0.60 per square foot based on 25–40% reduction in lighting power density (50% for warehouses).

Who qualifies for 179D EPAct?

Building owner at times of improvements.

For public buildings, the owner is allowed to allocate the deduction to the architect, contractor, environmental consultant, or energy services provider.

Deductions are available for the taxable year that includes the date on which the property is placed in service.

What projects qualify?

Commercial buildings of any size.

Apartments (four or more stories)

Commercial energy renovations

What does EDSS provide?

EDSS supplies a complete Federal Tax Deduction (FTD) certified package for each building receiving 179D.

EDSS reviews your existing drawings to verify compliance with the current code requirements.

Our experts review your buildings lighting, HVAC, and envelope systems for Federal Tax Deduction qualification.

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