Lighting Solutions

EDSS matches savings strategies with design consultation services, enabling clients to build new structures or retrofit existing ones. EDSS can deliver a program with significant long-term savings.

179D - Federal Tax Deduction

Eligible buildings can save up to $5.65 per square foot. Partial deductions can also be achieved separately through lighting, HVAC, and building envelope components.

Lamp Fixture Ordering System (LFOS)

Clients can use our Lamp Fixture Ordering System (LFOS) to re-order their lighting materials from a convenient, secure online portal that's open 24/7, 365 days of the year.

State and Utility Rebates

State and local governments, and local utilities may offer rebates up to 75% of the cost of your energy-efficient fixtures. EDSS researches these programs in your area to determine your eligibility.

HVAC Solutions

With an experienced team of Professional Engineers, HVAC Specialists, Construction Managers and installers, EDSS offers HVAC Audits, Supply, and Installation for facilities across the United States.

ENERGY STAR Benchmarking and Certification

An Energy Performance Rating system developed by the EPA and DOE, ENERGY STAR Certification shows that your building project is affordable, comfortable, and durable.

DTE Energy Retro-Commissioning (RCx)

Is your building operating as intended and at maximum efficiency? We specialize in evaluating your existing building to ensure that the components are calibrated properly and functioning as designed.

Cost Segregation & IRS Related Services

A Cost Segregation Study is an IRS Approved method of reclassifying both the components and improvements of a commercial building from real property to personal property.

State and Local Tax Incentives

Tax Incentives are offered by state and local governments to stimulate energy efficiency, job creation, and economic development. EDSS has the expertise to identify these incentives for your project.

Repair and Maintenance 263(a)

A Repair and Maintenance 263(a) Study analyzes your business operations, and determines the appropriate “Units of Property” for the purpose of capitalization and depreciation for 30 years.

Reserve Study

With our decades of experience, Energy Design Service Systems performs a Reserve Study for an in-depth evaluation of your property’s physical components. Our analysis focuses on maximizing your reserve funds.

LEED® Commissioning

The Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED®) program is a consensus-based Green Building rating system, developed by the U.S. Green Building Council. As a USGBC Member, EDSS offers LEED® Commissioning for your commercial buildings.

Facility Energy Assessments

We offer a thorough review of your utility costs to evaluate potential savings. Even though these expenses are perceived as "fixed", steps can be taken to reduce costs and identify errors and overcharges.

Carbon Emissions Tracking

We're certified to assist our clients in their green building efforts to reduce carbon output for ongoing operations. This includes a foundation for carbon management strategies so you can continue to conserve.

Federal and State Grants

Grants are available from federal and state agencies to companies taking a green initiative. EDSS is a grant service provider with expertise in researching grant opportunities for your company.

Government Services

Are you confused by energy standards, government projects, and tax incentives? Find out how Energy Design Service Systems can assist in meeting your energy needs for government projects.

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