Carbon Emissions Tracking

Reducing your carbon footprint has benefits that go well beyond ecological stewardship. While the primary motivation for many businesses is concern for the environment and a reduction in greenhouse gasses, many businesses are finding that going green also has a direct and material impact on their bottom line.

The fact is, in our evolving regulatory environment, businesses are increasingly being made responsible for the energy they consume and the emissions they generate. This can translate into tax benefits and other advantages for those companies with contemporary, efficient systems and structures, and it can mean demerits and penalties for those companies whose consumption is out of compliance with modern standards.

That’s where EDSS can help. We’re certified to assist our clients in their green building efforts, whether that means new construction or remodeling of existing structures. We have professionals on staff and nationally recognized resources to help you comply with LEED® standards, so you can operate facilities that satisfy today’s – and tomorrow’s – requirements for energy consumption and output.

It CAN be easy being green.

Energy Design Service Systems is certified to assist in green building.

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