ENERGY STAR Benchmarking and Certification

As an ENERGY STAR partner, EDSS offers assistance in ENERGY STAR Benchmarking & Certification.

EDSS’s team of professional engineers, certified energy managers, and energy auditors are certified to assess your building, benchmark it through ENERGY STAR, and provide recommendations to achieve certification.

Who Can Achieve ENERGY STAR Certification

  • Multifamily housing
  • Real Estate Companies (commercial and corporate)
  • Governments and schools
  • Healthcare facilities
  • Hospitality
  • Retail

ENERGY STAR for Commercial Buildings

ENERGY STAR is a cost effective investment.  ENERGY STAR’s benefits greatly outweigh the low-cost and effort put into improvements and updated construction methods.  Your company can benefit from increased sales, higher profit margins, increased worker productivity and ultimately, an enhanced reputation with clients.

  • Your company can benefit the environment while increasing bottom line.
  • Reduces everyday operating costs and energy. Energy costs represent about 30% of a typical building’s annual budget and it is the single largest operating cost.
  • Display environmental leadership and social responsibility.
  • Liability concerns. Quality construction used when building ENERGY STAR means less issues with the building down the road.
  • ENERGY STAR is a credible brand known by many consumers (better known than other kinds of certifications).

ENERGY STAR for Multifamily Housing

Differentiate yourself from other builders. ENERGY STAR is still considered innovative in residential construction terms.  Builders should expect that within the next ten-fifteen years, ENERGY STAR will be an expectation when purchasing a home or renting an apartment.  One reason to choose ENERGY STAR now is to be the first to have these practices become standard for your company and to be a leg up on the competition.  Here are some other reasons why ENERGY STAR Certification is an important aspect to consider:

  • ENERGY STAR Homes have superior performance by lowering monthly energy and operating bills are known to be lowered up to 35%. 
  • Asset value of a home is increased. “turn pennies of savings into millions in asset value”
  • ENERGY STAR already is and will become an even larger buying and selling point over the years.
  • Homeowners and renters can be assured that they are living in a good quality home due to superior construction methods.
  • Occupant health is increased with safer products and construction methods, as well as proper ventilation standards.
  • Homes earning ENERGY STAR Certification will also be eligible for the 45L Tax Credit.

Benefits of ENERGY STAR Benchmarking

  • ENERGY STAR Buildings are affordable, comfortable and durable
  • The ENERGY STAR label is recognized by 76% of households
  • It is a government-backed label
  • ENERGY STAR buildings are 15-20% more efficient than the standard building code
  • ENERGY STAR is third party verified
  • ENERGY STAR requires a higher level of inspections and testing than homes merely build to code
  • Higher quality= lower maintenance and low ownership costs= an overall better investment
  • 1 in 4 homes is ENERGY STAR Qualified

Why Choose EDSS for ENERGY STAR Certification?

  • EDSS specializes is energy efficiency design (It’s all we do!).   
  • EDSS is an ENERGY STAR Partner.
  • We have 5 in house engineers that are ENERGY STAR Certified.
  • We have connections all over the United Sates and can serve both locally and country wide.
  • We can explore other avenues to benefit our client’s when they choose ENERGY STAR (like grants, tax incentives, 45L, 179D, etc).

Become a STAR.

Contact us to find out more about ENERGY STAR Benchmarking and certification.

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