Facility Energy Assessments

What is a Facility Energy Assessment (FEA)?

A Facility Energy Assessment (FEA) is a detailed engineering review of how your building uses electricity, gas and water. Much like a physical examination, we look at all the major building systems (Architectural/ Mechanical/ Electrical/ Plumbing) to determine if they are working correctly. EDSS can then make recommendations to improve your building’s “health” through improvement of building system components that heat/cool/water/light your facility. Just as a periodic physical is important to your health, an FEA insures that your building operates more efficiently and doesn’t waste energy or resources. Our goal is to help you reduced your utility and maintenance costs and improve employee/customer comfort within your facility.

How is a Facility Energy Assessment conducted?

EDSS has an expert engineering team that will conduct a building “physical” to determine if there are any opportunities to improve energy efficiency.

There are four phases to our FEAs:

1.) Benchmarking- EDSS will determine how much energy is used relative to one’s peers using square footage, building use type and other criteria. Data is analyzed monthly and annual to note consumption patters versus climate and building activity.

2.) Audit/Assessment- We evaluate all architectural, mechanical, electrical, and plumbing systems to determine their impact on energy usage.

3.) Design/Implementation- Recommended conservation measures are installed.

4.) Evaluation- We continue monitoring energy usage to insure recommended conservation measures are providing the expected savings as well as improving building occupant comfort.

During the Assessment Phase we look at the following building components to identify on building energy and water consumption:

— Building Envelope: Exterior walls, windows, doorways and roofs
— HVAC System: Heating, cooling and ventilation systems
— Lighting: Interior and Exterior illumination for work tasks and security
— Plumbing: Restrooms, chilled water use, manufacturing processes and landscape irrigation

EDSS offers 3 levels of energy assessments based on ASHRAE (American Society of Heating, Refrigerating, and Air-Conditioning Engineers) standards. These standards are also recognized by the USGBC, who sets LEED standards and certification details.

Preliminary Energy-use Benchmarking
Compare to similar buildings
Calculate kBtu/sf

Level 1: Walk Through Assessment
Rough Costs & Savings for energy conservation measures (ECMs)
Identify Capital Projects

Level 2: Detailed Energy Survey & Analysis
End-use breakdown
Detailed analysis
Cost and savings for ECM
O&M changes

Level 3: Investment Grade Detailed Survey & Analysis
Refined analysis
Additional measurements
Hourly simulation

In addition to the expected expertise in energy assessments (200 years of combined experience), EDSS has a diverse professional team of engineers, architects, and technicians who focus on exploring all energy efficient incentive opportunities, including those offered by federal, state, local, and utility agencies. EDSS excels at consistently identifying all available financial incentives and tailoring our recommended measures to minimize initial cost after incentives and maximize energy savings.

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