What is a Facility Maintenance Program?

How much time and money are you spending in maintenance of your commercial buildings? Have you been plagued by delays, errors, and disorganization? Would you like to focus less on maintenance and more on the growth of your business? The EDSS Facility Maintenance Program is your answer.
When you enroll in the EDSS Facility Maintenance Program, we take care of monthly and annual maintenance issues. Need to order new lighting? We have you covered. Need an inspection or a quote for a new building project, we take care of it. Is your staff stretched thin, we have your back.

What is the cost of a Facility Maintenance Program?

What’s the cost of doing the same old way? How much is your business wasting trying to maintain your commercial structures? Let the experts handle it for you. You save time, you save money, and you sleep better knowing your investments are being maintained and protected.

Hassle-free maintenance

Contact Energy Design Service Systems to discuss a Facility Maintenance Program.

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