Federal and State Grants

Energy Design Service Systems is a grant service provider and has expertise in researching grant opportunities for your company and knows the steps necessary to write and submit a grant proposal. With Grant writers and specialists on staff, whether it’s a fill-it-out format, or requires a wealth of information written in poetry and prose, we are experienced to help you obtain these hidden incentives. Grant services include; grant prospect research, grant proposal writing, and review/evaluation services.

Grant Opportunities and Incentives

Every year, grants are offered by federal agencies which award up to several million dollars for companies take a ‘green’ initiative. These federal programs are offered for companies who upgrade or construct buildings with energy efficient products, or offer a unique aspect to their community and market.

Similar financing comes from state/counties/cities/local utilities that offer incentives, rebates, and tax incentives to not only have companies ‘go green’, but for companies who are stimulating their local economies with energy efficiency and job creation in low income and rural areas.

10 Reasons to Partner with EDSS

  1. We know all the various requirements.
  2. We are Grant Writers, we actually write the proposal.
  3. We understand the process and know what it takes to meet the deadlines.
  4. We know how to research details to determine the best opportunities for you company.
  5. We know the application system, how to register, how to navigate, and how to apply.
  6. We become your grants department.
  7. We know what to look for, where to look, and how to respond.
  8. We have experience and success (obtaining grants from $1,000 to $49 million).
  9. We gain outside support for your proposal.
  10. We know how to phrase it with the correct poetry and prose to make your application successful.

Make your future brighter.

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