Which is the best light for you? Ask EDSS.

Often overlooked, lighting is an integral part of every successful business. It creates atmosphere and enhances aesthetics. It highlights critical products and improves visibility. Well-designed lighting even increases worker satisfaction and productivity. That’s why it’s essential to work with an expert lighting designer on your building plans or current facility. Energy Design Service Systems (EDSS) is a full-service lighting designer, distributor and manufacturer serving national companies. With extensive experience and knowledge of lighting equipment and systems, we create truly unique, cost-effective and energy-efficient lighting solutions. Our goal is to enhance the look and continuity of your facilities nationwide all while saving you time and money.

Our design balances art, science, and budget

Creating the ideal lighting environment will transcend the way you do business. At EDSS, we work first and foremost for you; our customer. Our goal is to provide you the most value, both in lighting design and functionality. And we accomplish this with our unique capabilities.

Value Engineering

We evaluate your existing lighting plans and create an innovative, yet practical, lighting solution that will strengthen and enhance your facility.


We incorporate innovative cost-effective products that improve energy efficiency and reduce lighting costs. We also work to accomplish our client’s distinct objective.


With a nationwide network of expert contractors, we ensure quick and efficient lighting installation. To ensure the highest quality, we make regular site visits and provide weekly status reports. We also guarantee our work with an exceptional extended warranty.

We help cast shadows on your competition

At EDSS, we focus solely on your needs, nothing more. Unlike other light organizations, we don’t represent a single product or manufacturer. Our vast knowledge of lighting allows us to provide light systems from all major manufacturers. For your unique lighting challenges, we will custom-design products, including our own LED solution for commercial and residential buildings. All this enables us to create truly innovative and imaginative lighting solutions based solely on your need and vision.

With more than 30 years of experience, we provide turnkey service, and a warranty that includes labor and lamps for both large-scale and single task lighting projects. On every venture, we work with architects, interior designers, builders or owners to custom tailor lighting design to distinct needs.

Make your future brighter.

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