State and Local Tax Incentives

State and Local Incentives are released and modified every week for different industries across the country. These incentives can be very beneficial and can be taken in tandem with federal tax incentives, like EPAct 179D Tax Deduction, and State and Utility Rebates.

Every incentive is different in purpose, eligibility, requirements, and timeline. EDSS specializes in identifying incentives that will translate into significant financial savings for clients.

What are Tax Incentives?

Incentives are offered by state and local agencies for many different aspects of a project; from construction incentives for the installation of energy efficient or renewable energy products, to economic development, job creation, and other incentives specific to companies/industries. These incentives can be provided in the following forms:

  • Tax Credits
  • Tax Deductions
  • Tax Exemptions/Abatements
  • State/Local Rebates
  • Fee Reductions
  • Expedited Permitting

The EDSS Advantage

Incentives are what we do. EDSS has a qualified staff of incentive specialists to review current and proposed incentives to identify potential savings programs across the country. 

  • Incentive Review/Tracking: EDSS Incentive Specialists research each project location and log available incentives, tracking required application data and deadlines.
  • State & Local Negotiation: EDSS Incentive Specialists work closely with funding agencies to meet requirements for each incentive and to obtain the full incentive available for each project.
  • Incentive Application Preparation & Submission: EDSS Incentive Specialists breakdown each incentive, gather required documentation, prepare additional documents needed, and submit final applications.

Do you qualify?

Let Energy Design Service Systems find tax incentives for your business.

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