EDSS will be at Restaurant Spaces

The theme of RestaurantSpaces 2020 is “Reimagine the future of chain restaurants.” Energy Design Service Systems will be right there to imagine, as we share our years of experience in lighting and fixtures in the industry,

The annual event will be held March 1-3, in sunny Pasadena, California. It features industry leaders who will be discussing the future of chain restaurants and the challenges and opportunities that lie ahead.

RestaurantSpaces is unique in that it is an invitation-only conference that caters to the decision-makers and upper level management in restaurant management and innovation.

There’s no question that the restaurant industry is going to see many dynamic changes in the coming years, and the people at RestaurantSpace, including Energy Design Service Systems, are going to shape that change.

For more information visit the RestaurantSpaces website.

EDSS will be at Restaurant Spaces
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